Benefits of Getting Laid Once In A While

People love sex, but most people don’t know the benefits of sex other than orgasm and post-sex glow. Some people have sex a duty, some do it to please their guys, and some hardly do it may be because they are single. Not having sex you endanger your health, and therefore it is good you get to know some of the reasons why it is important to get laid once in a while whether you are single or in a relationship.

  1. Getting laid once in a while, you cure kidney stones.

Although the benefit may apply to both gender, it mostly works in men. Men who have sex most often are not likely to suffer from kidney stones. This is because sex is a workout by nature and workout helps in curing kidney related infections like a kidney stone.

  1. Getting laid boosts your confidence over time.

Some people may have very low self-esteem, and such people are at risk of being affected more by stress and depression. Being laid once in a while, it builds your confidence and also improves your self-esteem. People who have never made a public speech due to low self-esteem or fear should check their relationships and more so healthy sexual relationship.

  1. Sex boosts your immune system.

Through research sex has been discovered to make you take fewer sick days, this is because by getting laid you improve the standards of your immune system. Those who don’t have sex for long are at risk of falling sick due to a weak immune system. On the same point of staying healthy and active, sex is a workout by itself, and therefore it boosts on the wellbeing of an individual, and that is why people feel relaxed and flexible after sex.

  1. Getting laid once in a while makes you sleep more and better.

Sleeping is good for someone to lead a healthy lifestyle, and therefore you should ensure you sleep well at least for eight hours in a day. If you have a problem with sleeping well, you should consider being laid once in a while to enjoy a good sleep.

  1. Getting laid make you have more comfortable periods.

Some ladies experience a lot of pain and inflammation on the ovaries during their periods. This should end by you getting laid once in a while.

  1. Getting laid reduces stress and pain as well. Body pain sometimes may be psychological; getting laid once in a while has been known to be a good cure for stress and curing your mental work and preventing body pains as well. A human being was created with sexual feeling so that they should enjoy sex once in a while and therefore you should consider being laid for your health benefits.

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