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Learn more on the GEODIS Freight Forwarding perspective on supply chain operations transformation and risks associated with its security from Tom Brabers, Head of Global Supply Chain Security.


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What do you see as the biggest disrupter for your supply chain and why?

Digitalization in all shapes and forms will be the biggest disruptor for the freight forwarding industry in the coming decade. Especially online cargo market places will compete with the traditional players and as the functionalities of those platforms increase more and more they form a realistic alternative to the traditional freight forwarding industry.

What is driving this change?

The availability of data enables online platforms to offer services. Simultaneously there is a tendency in the market to see the actual transport as a commodity, but the data as the real value add. Customers want to be informed of their freight moves and as the supply chains are getting more and more complex, the data to do so is getting more important.

What are the biggest risks associated with this disruptor?

As the entire freight forwarding industry is embracing this data need and the IT systems that make that possible, there is little to no attention about the (cyber) security risks associated with it.

What are the biggest opportunities it [the disrupter] could bring?

When played smart, digitalization could help to increase operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction by enhanced visibility and enhance traditional supply chain security.

Who should be managing those risks and opportunities within the organisation?

In short, this is a Board level issue.

What the future will look like for your business?

As GEODIS is already very mature in their digitalization, we will continue to be so in the coming years, embracing digital opportunities while managing the risks associated with that.

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