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Santtu Erkkilä, Supply Chain Information Security Program Lead at Nokia, speaking on supply chain vulnerability towards cyber threats and the increasing role of supply chain information security.

Santtu ErkkiläWhat do you see as the biggest disrupter for your supply chain and why?

There are two major disruptors currently. The huge number of suppliers makes it very difficult to know where your valuable data is and whether it sufficiently protected. Our global operations people are excited about process automation and digitalization which leads into speedy execution where information security risks are not assessed and controls do not exist. Supply chains are not considered to be vulnerable for Cyber threats. The physical word threats are seen as more probable disruptors for business.

What is driving this change?

Companies are focusing on their core business and more and more products and services are bought from suppliers. Organizations want to create conscious supply chains which are operating autonomously to improve the customer experience e.g. faster delivery of good quality products in a more efficient way by utilizing and sharing of existing data.

What are the biggest risks associated with this disruptor?

  • Loss of integrity of your supply chain data would result manufacturing faulty products and issuing of faulty orders.
  • Loss of availability of digitalized and automated supply chain process due to a cyber threat
  • Loss of intellectual property e.g. theft of CAD file used for 3D printing

What are the biggest opportunities it [the disrupter] could bring?

  • Enhanced cooperation between companies to ensure that their suppliers have required security capabilities in place.
  • Organizations will start to invest more on securing their supply chains against cyber threats.
  • More supply chain information security experts will be needed to support the transition towards autonomous supply chain

Who should be managing those risks and opportunities within the organization?

Business Units are responsible for managing risks in their supply chain. Dedicated security resources will be needed to support the risk mitigation work.

What the future will look like for your business?

Nokia is well positioned what comes to business success in future. We are living in interesting times especially on supply chain point of view. Industry 4.0 is driving a big change to supply chains and some of examples can be seen already. Nokia is working hard to be one the fore runners what comes to utilization of new technology in supply chain.

What will you be sharing at the upcoming Security summit?

I will be presenting how Nokia is renewing its Renewal of global third party security management program and related challenges. I am also interested to learn how other organizations are approaching similar challenges. I look forward interesting discussions about industry 4.0 related information security implications.

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