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3rd Russian Energy Forum - London 2016

The Annual Russian Energy Forum is now firmly established as the UK’s leading Russian energy event. Originally launched in 2014, it has now created a platform whereby experts and industry professionals from Russia, the UK and the wider world can meet to talk about the issues that matter most to their businesses.

With continuing low oil prices, 2016 was a vitally important year for the energy industry. No understanding of the market could be complete without understanding what was happening in Russia, and how that affected Europe and Asia.

The 3rd Annual Russian Energy Forum provided the opportunity for the leaders of the Russian and CIS energy sector and their international partners to engage in dialogue about their commercial needs. The Forum provided a platform to discuss the finance, technology, legal, strategic and other issues between Russia and international partners in energy.

The 3rd Annual Russian Forum presented a unique environment to network and conduct business with more than 150 senior-level executives from the industry and government, who helped influence energy policy and make the decisions which determine the success of there businesses.


Key topics:

Session 1: Strategy

The existing commercial opportunities in the Russian oil & gas and energy sectors and how businesses can approach them in the current environment.

Topics for discussion:

  • Current and future exploration and production by national and international oil and gas companies in Russia
  • Strategies of Russian and foreign energy companies in the current environment and an update on priority projects
  • Russia’s place in the global energy market
  • Growth and modernisation srtategies of the energy companies
Session 2: Russia's Gas Supply to Europe

Status of Russia’s Energy Supply to Europe

Topics for discussion:

  • Nord Stream 2: the vision of shareholders, security, partnership, business and financing of the project
  • Cooperation between Western European and Russian Energy companies
  • European gas supply sources and Russia’s role in it
  • Contracts and pricing in the European gas markets
  • Dynamics of LNG and pipeline gas supply to Europe
Session 3: Development of New Growth Projects

A View from Partners in Asia:

Prospects of energy demand in Asian markets and bilaterlal cooepration

Topics for discussion:

  • Gas demand in Japan, energy market and internaitonal cooperation
  • Russia-China cooperation, One Belt One Road and Chinese energy policy


Technology and Infrastructure for Oil & Gas

Opportunities for growth, infrastructure and latest technology

Topics for discussion:

  • Developing new infrastructure and increasing the existing capacity in order to secure further advancements in the region
  • Logistics & rail infrastructure development for the Energy sector
  • Latest technology to increase efficiency, reduce capital and operational expenses, facilitate the development of projects in remote areas with limited infrastructure
Session 4: LNG Focus

Russian LNG: Global competition, commercial strategies & technology

Topics for discussion:

  • Russia’s place in the global LNG landscape
  • Update on the key LNG projects
  • Strategies of Russian and international energy companies
  • Financing for projects in the current environment
Session 5: Finance & Investment

Finance & Investment in the Russian and CIS energy & resources

Topics for discussion:

  • Access to medium and long-term financing
  • Macro overview of the Russian economy and its impact on the industry
  • Liquidity situation
  • Attractiveness of the industry for global investors
  • Challenging accessing financing with the sanctcions maintained
Session 6: Geopolitics of Energy

Russia in the broader geopolitical context: focus on the CIS, Middle East, Iran & Turkey

Topics for discussion:

  • Russia, the CIS and the Eurasian Economic Union
  • The Caspian, Turkey and Iran
  • OPEC and the Middle East

Past attendees included:

“It is fantastic for networking and filling in some of the gaps to build up a complete picture for us as we pursue the important projects in Russia. It is a great to be here, to meet up a really broad range of individuals from the industry including a lot of focus on financing.”

Steve Wildman

Project Development Director LNG, Siemens PLC

4th Russian Energy Forum - London 2017

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Key speakers included:

Dr Boris Abramov

Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom

Proj. Sergei Guriev

Chief Economist Designate, EBRD

Kate Mallinson

Partner, Political Risk, GPW Ltd.

Louis Skyner

Head of Russian and CIS Oil & Gas Practice, Clifford Chance

Peter Charow

Vice President - Russia, BP Plc.

Charles Hendry

Chairman, Eurasia Partners Ltd; Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change 2010-2012

Prof. Keun-Wook Paik

Senior Research Fellow, OIES & Associate Fellow, Chatham House

Ian Taylor

President & CEO, VITOL

Paul Corcoran

Chief Financial Officer, Nord Stream 2 AG

Philip Lambert

CEO, Lambert Energy Advisory

Ellen Pinchuk

Deputy CEO, Mikhailov & Partners

Steve Wildman

Project Development Director LNG, Siemens plc.

Mark Gytevay

CFO, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, NOVATEK

Olivier Lazare

Country Chair Russia, Shell

Nikita Pushkarev

Commercial Director, GEFCO Russia

Katya Zapletnyuk

Editor, European Gas Markets, ICIS